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Phonak hearing aids - flexible forms, colors and styles.

Phonak has the right hearing aid for you - regardless of your type of hearing loss, lifestyle, personal preferences, your age or your budget. We decided to develop outstanding hearing solutions for everyone. You can find more details of these products below or you can ask your hearing care professional.


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Phonak Audéo Paradise

There's nothing like the sound of Paradise

Phonak Naida P


Comprised of all-new hardware, Audéo Paradise excels in hearing performance and hosts several elevated features. The result? A hearing aid that delivers an unrivaled hearing experience:


- Crisp natural sound

- Brilliant speech understanding

- Personalized noise cancelling

- Voice assistant with a tap

- Connects to smartphones, TV and more

- Empowering smart apps. 


Phonak Virto M

Phonak Virto Marvel

Nothing to hide


Phonak Virto M-312 is the world’s first and only custom hearing aid with hands-free calls that allows Roger technology to stream directly without an external receiver.  Virto M-312 connects directly to either iOS or Android smartphones or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. With Biometric Calibration Phonak Virto Marvel hearing aids are precisely calibrated to your clients’ individual ear anatomy. Now also available in stylish black finish.   




file_download Download user guide Virto M


Phonak Bolero M

Phonak Bolero Marvel

Love at first sound… each and every day!


Phonak Bolero for mild to severe hearing loss combines maximum reliability and robustness with a clear, rich sound experience and multifunctionality. Connects to smartphones, TV and other Bluetooth® enabled devices. Bolero Marvel is also available as a rechargeable model. Boost your hearing performance in noisy environments such as restaurants, meetings, work and school with Roger™ microphones, now they stream directly to your Marvel hearing aids.  




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Phonak Audéo P

Phonak Naída Paradise

Discover the wonder of powerful sound


The power BTE hearing aid with next level, powerful sound, connectivity to smartphones, TV and more, and empowering smart apps. 

• Dedicated pre-calculation for severe to profound hearing loss

• RogerDirectTM

• Universal Direct Connectivity

• Hands-free calls

• Speech Enhancer

• Dynamic Noise Cancellation

• 2 simultaneously connected Bluetooth devices & up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices

• Better speech intelligibility for quiet situations

• Activity based beamformer steering

• Lithium-ion rechargeable technology*

• Tap control*

• Motion Sensor Hearing*


*Phonak Naída P-PR 


file_download Download user guide Naida P-PR 

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Phonak Sky M

Phonak Sky Marvel

Love at first sound... each and every day!


Phonak Sky Marvel combines the world’s first technological innovations and child-specific designs to support children of all ages. It enables children to build strong bonds by offering clear rich sound and access to more words and conversations every day. AutoSense Sky OS it the world’s first operating system built specifically for children and provides an optimal listening experience in situations like noisy classrooms and outdoor playgrounds. It connects to smartphones, Roger mics and more. Also available as a rechargeable model.  




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Phonak Sky Link M

Phonak Sky Link M

Share the moments of love


Combining hearing performance, child-specific features and connectivity to Roger™ and Bluetooth®* enabled devices. Sky™ Link M can be paired with an Advanced Bionics (AB) pediatric sound processor making a truly bimodal solution.

A Sky Link M fitting prior to cochlear implantation helps kids to have a seamless transition to their cochlear implant, ensuring continuity of the sound that they know as they continue to develop in their new bimodal world. 




file_download Download user guide Sky Link M 


Phonak Naída Link M

Phonak Naída Link M

Solutions throughout your hearing journey


Naída Link M is a multifunctional super power BTE (Behind-the-Ear) hearing aid that has a unique ability to be paired with an Advanced Bionics Naída CI M90 sound processor if your hearing loss progresses. You can enjoy a state-of-the-art hearing aid in monaural or binaural configuration. Connects to smartphones, Roger™ and Bluetooth® enabled devices. 




file_download Download user guide Naída Link M



Phonak Vitro V

Phonak Vitus / Vitus+

The key to confident hearing


Phonak Vitus / Vitus+ delivers solid performance in a multitude of hearing situations. You can be confident that you are getting a quality hearing aid with proven Phonak technology that is robust, reliable and affordable.  Packed in an appealing design, there is a Vitus hearing aid to suit your needs. Your hearing loss and cosmetic preference will determine the most suitable Vitus for you. 


file_download Download user guide Phonak Vitus / Vitus+ BTE  

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Hearing care professional can help you make the choice that is perfect for you. They will consider your hearing needs, your budget, your lifestyle and your individual hearing preferences.

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