Phonak in Lebanon

Phonak is present in Lebanon for 28 years with its local distribution partner Kataho, which distributes through its own retail chain Houri Hearing or other independent clinics.

Houri Hearing - the first hearing center in Lebanon

As the first and foremost professional Hearing Correction Center in Lebanon, we have always shouldered a huge responsibility towards the hearing impaired population in Lebanon. We do not take this lightly and have endeavored to keep abreast with the rapidly changing technology; and combined it with our knowledge, skill, training, experience, to bring about only the best solutions in Hearing Healthcare. Our professional staff, state-of-the-art testing facilities, and the best hearing aid brands, are at your disposal to make your hearing experience as beneficial and least conspicuous as possible. Please visit our site and                                                 let us know if our know-how and resources can benefit you or someone you care for.




1980  Birth of Houri Hearing – The first Hearing Center in the region

1995  First to introduce Completely-In-Canal Hearing Aids

1997  First to introduce Digital Hearing aids

1998  Launch of Jal El Dib Branch

2008  First to introduce Open Fitting Hearing aids

2012  First to introduce Invisible-In-Canal Hearing aids

2014  Launch of Hazmieh Branch

2015  Launch of Saida Branch

2017  Launch of Ghazir Branch

2019  Launch of Mathaf Branch

Hani Houri

- Founder -


Karim Houri

- Hearing Aid Specialist -


Tarek Houri

- Manager -


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Better hearing begins here 

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Phonak Audéo™ M



It's not just a great hearing aid It's a multi-functional marvel.



Phonak Audéo B-R


When you can enjoy up to 24 hours with one simple charge, life is on. 










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Phonak Virto B


When a biometric hearing aid gives you access to optimized hearing, life is on.









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